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Tourist is all about getting to know a country with the eyes of individuals which live there- exactly what they rely on, what they celebrate and how they make that day unique. The countless fascinating festivals that dot the landscape of South India make an interesting measurement to South India tourism. Individuals link to their past histories and also celebrate their identification in their very own distinct means. A riot of blinking shades, the aroma of fresh cooked delicacies tinged with interesting necromancy provide South India’& rsquo; s celebrations a charm all their own

. No South India trip package deal is full without experiencing the joy of these festivals. Lug interesting memories with you about a land that fascinated you with its myriad charms. Come as well as delight in South India’& rsquo; s festivals with us

. Kerala Onam

: Possibly one of the most well-liked, and also one of the earliest celebrations in India, Onam, symbolizes the event of produce time. Legend has it that king Mahabali which was a satanic force had actually won the heart of the Gods with his altruism and he visits Kerala for 10 days annually –– during the 10 days of Onam. Significant with interesting snake watercraft races at Kottayam, Onam is celebrated with pleasant porridge (payasam) as well as flower decorations.

Pongal: One more riotous harvest celebration that marks the beginning of springtime and the end of winter, folks wear brand-new and colorful saris and also see the holy places. Furthermore, pleasant and full-flavored rice meals are cooked to celebrate the bounty of an excellent harvest.

Watercraft racing at Arunmala: This is genuinely a sight to observe as well as no vacationer should miss this occasion on his South India tour plan. Many boats contend with each other –– yet with all of them crossing the goal at the very same time. It is undoubtedly a surprise to stand and also cheer the boatmen as a hundred oarsmen guide each long conical boat with a curved tail.

Tamil Nadu

Deepavali: This beautiful festival of fireworks, lamps and flashing saris makes all South India excursion packages worth their salt. Rows of brilliantly lit lamps as well as vibrant rangolis (rangolis are designs on the flooring) mark the party of Deepavali. Attractive aromas of specials waft airborne to whet your appetite.

Natyanjali dancing festival: Savor the delight of dancing with the Natyanjali celebration celebrated in the old Nataraja holy place at Chidambaram. The Natyanjali festival weaves its potent charm on customers as it unravels inside the hallowed walls of the ancient temple devoted to the cosmic professional dancer, God Shiva. Professional dancers from all parts of India gather together here to perform their very own specific niche dancings.


Masi Magam: This celebration is commemorated on the sea shore where 30 photos of Gods are bathed, washed and also transferred in illuminated and also decorated automobiles.

Andaman as well as Nicobar

Island tourism celebration: These parties take place for a fortnight during which the island is decorated and several occasions like aqua cruising and also Para sailing are arranged. If you wish to see the island with its full tribal flavor, this is the moment to go.